Cheadle police station not shutting

A sergeant has stressed there are no plans to shut Cheadle police station.

Its after councillors raised concerns about the future of the station which is based in Chapel Street.

Councillor Ron Locker, who put the police station on the agenda for Monday’s meeting, said: “It’s closed all the time at the moment so we are left with nowhere to go. If a woman is being attacked and running to a place of safety she has nowhere to go.

“We need that sort of service and lost property being here. If someone lost their keys on the car park they used to be able to go to the police station. People are honest and think of people who have lost their property – this is going to make people dishonest.

“We shouldn’t stand for it – it’s about time we shouted about these services that affect people’s lives. It has got to the stage where it has become ridiculous”

Councillor Peter Jackson said: “One of my fears is the police are moving away from the public and the face of a police officer is becoming alien to the public. They don’t know their local officers, there is no continuity which is a great shame.”

But Sergeant Andy Bland, who also attended Monday’s town council meeting, told members there were currently no talks about shutting any police stations – although the front desk at Cheadle Police Station was closed.

Visitors are advised they can contact staff using a telephone mounted on the wall near the station’s main entrance. And anyone who finds lost property, such as a mobile phone, laptop, money or financial documents, was advised to contact police.

Sgt Bland said: “The police station hasn’t closed and there are no plans to close it. The front desk has closed and it has not been staffed for 18 months.

“My office is at Cheadle Police Station and each day there are three PCSOs on shift and two officers, whether I’m there or not. When people say police aren’t in town I was walking round the town at 3am on Sunday morning – we are out there.

“I think it is unfair to say we are closing or planning on closing. Response policing does come out of Hanley and it comes here very quickly – it’s the same for Leek and Biddulph.

“Each site has a sergeant, not an inspector. That is simply down to costs and that’s why they are closing the front desks. There are new ways of working and it may not suit everybody.

“We go to local communities and have meetings. They are well advertised and people go out to Werrington, Blythe Bridge and Cheadle – we do it weekly.

“I have sat on the police station front desk for a night shift and had nobody in. The footfall just isn’t there any more – it used to be when people didn’t have phones but they do now generally.”


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